Thursday, 22 June 2017

Ballads of War 1x42 & 1x43

This is where things begin to get wild...

All the relevant stuff has already been said, I'm afraid. You know all I had in mind for the Eldar set of mind. I'm just decorating it with some Art Nouveau. Oh, I would have loved to develop that part much more. Rough thing about comics is that you really need to speed up and tell a story, so backgrounds usually need to be reduced to the minimum expression (unless it serves a purpose). It's the compromise you need to reach if you want to see it finished. But I would have enjoyed so much replicating particularly Mucha, but maybe Klimt and others too, turning their works into Elvish wall paintings. Of course I also had Gaudí in mind for some crazy architectural details all over the ship. It's a shame, but it all had to be set aside in order to actually get the comic finished. Sigh, it is what it is.

The important thing today is that we have serious spoiler alert! A mere glimpse of things to come (well, eventually to come, if I had ever finished it all, ahem). These brief images were things that were to be intertwined in the story. Some of them are obvious, some of them are not. If you are really interested in all this crazy stuff, I think I can briefly tell you the whole plot as it was in my mind when we reach the pages in which I quit the comic. But for the moment I'll just leave it all to speculation, mwahaha :D

You can of course find all previous pages HERE as usual :)


  1. The Farseer acts far more like I would expect from the Eldar 😊.
    The bridge looks magnificent, but it is a shame we get to see so little of it.
    As for the rest: stop teasing 😁!
    You've wetted my appetite enough, time for some action 😉.

    1. Haha, I think I really wanted to design the whole ship, I love doing this weird kind of stuff.
      Ahh, all shall be unveiled... probably :P

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! By then I was still struggling with what colours to use :P

  3. Brill I love the flashback scene nice work.

    1. Thanks! Just a glimpse of what I had in mind for the story. Damn, as I remember it all I do want to get back to it and keep on drawing...

  4. I was still struggling with what colours to use :P